Oracle Oracle Customer Experience Benchmarking Tool

Discover if Your Company’s Customer Experience is Lagging or Leading the Competition

Simply answer 10 multiple choice questions to find out and receive:

  • Your CX Initiatives Ratings Your company’s overall and detailed CX domain ratings
  • How You Compare to Your Competitors and Peers Find out if your CX initiative is leading or lagging
  • Strategy

    Implementing a Customer Experience program requires a strategy that crosses multiple lines of business and is supported by executive commitment. Does your organization have a Customer Experience strategy?

  • Capabilities

    Your organization’s customer experience capabilities cover a broad spectrum of technology, staffing, business processes, employee training, and more. Are you organized for success?

  • Business Challenges

    Legacy systems and untrained employees can contribute to a poor overall customer experience. What are the challenges and the business impact your organization may face by failing to implement a successful customer experience program?